inconso Practice

inconso.jpgDMLogic is inconso's first American-based reseller and integration partner. Leading the European market, inconso breadth and depth of experience in logistics closely matches that of our DMLogic consultants. With a team of senior consultants and implementation engineers coupled with the experience of more than 200 implementations all over the world and in multiple industires, DMLogic and inconso can offer an effective solution in the US.

Choosing inconsoWMS 

inconsoWMS is based on leading architecture and technology with process-based components that ensure flexibility, multi-client capability, transparency and an individual extensibility.

In order to meet the different demands on warehouse management systems completely – from simply manual and radio frequency controlled warehouses to highly complex and automated distribution centers – the inconsoWMS includes two different forms, the inconsoWMS Standard and the inconsoWMS eXtended.

inconsoWMS Highlights

Future oriented technology

  • Web-capable server architecture
  • Authorization concept down to field level
  • User-dependent multilingual capability
  • User specific setup of surfaces


  • Multi-customer/Multi-client capable
  • Multi-location/Multi-site capable
  • Multi-language
  • Differentiated inventory management
  • Configurable setup of workflows and strategies
  • Integrated forms generator


  • Logistics monitor and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Integrated resource management
  • Management information system also in app technology
  • Documentation of booking transactions and movements
  • Traceability such as tracing batches and serial numbers


  • Inbound goods
  • Quality control
  • Replenishment control
  • Transport control system
  • Forklift control system
  • Order Management/Planning
  • Order Picking/Store-Out
  • Packing/Shipment Preparation
  • Shipping/Loading
  • Returns Management
  • Inventory
  • Empties Management
  • Control Monitor
  • Statistics/Key Performance Indicators 

inconsoWMS Standard (WMS S)

The inconsoWMS Standard (S) is designed for small and medium-size warehouses and goods distribution centers which typically have manual and forklift controlled processes serving one or more clients. With the component-based structure, the system is free from any set organizational and technical environment. This enables a quick and flexible configuration of different business processes as well as a simple adjustment of processes to changing demands.


inconsoWMS eXtended (WMS X)

Building on the inconsoWMS core system, the inconsoWMS eXtended (X) provides a warehouse management solution that is able to grow to meet increasing demands. The inconsoWMS X offers the largest variety of configuration and customizing options for complex and varied processes and a high throughput, which are common in highly automated distribution or picking operations.Individual adjustments and extensions of the function scope as well as the screen interface and their underlying data structures are also possible. As a result, the user receives a software system that has the same degree of maturity, stability and user friendliness of a standard software but also is equivalent to an customizedl solution with functionality and specific problem orientation. Communication modules for the connection of automation components with the corresponding transport control up to an integrated material flow control complete the function scope of the inconsoWMS X.


WMS Add Ons

In both small and large distribution centers, processes vary and some additional services help make the process run more smoothly. The inconso Logistics Suite also offers you the right solution for these special, individual requirements. The inconso Add-Ons can help meet special and individual requirements by intergrating with any of the inconso products as well as third-party systems.


The Inconso Logistics Suite

The inconso Logistics Suite is a platform for intralogistics and supply chain solutions. The suite provides all the functionalities you need for planning, controlling and monitoring a perfectly functioning logistics network.

The suite includes software solutions for Warehouse Management, Transport Management, Yard Management, as well as the Logistics Network Planning and Control with inconsoSCE. With the inconso Logistics Suite, you are able to optimize your logistics processes. It gives you the transparency needed to assess current situations and provides comprehensive tools to develop and simulate effective strategies as well as to plan, carry out and control the operative processes. The inconso Logistics Suite supports you in fulfilling your logistics tasks on all levels – on the planning, operative and control levels.