inconsoWMS Standard (WMS S)


The inconsoWMS Standard (S) is designed for small and medium-size warehouses and goods distribution centers which typically have manual and forklift controlled processes serving one or more clients. With the component-based structure, the system is free from any set organizational and technical environment. This enables a quick and flexible configuration of different business processes as well as a simple adjustment of processes to changing demands.

inconsoWMS Standard (S) is designed for use in small and medium-sized warehouses and distribution centers that are typically operated with manual or forklift-managed processes for one or more clients. Due to its modular design, the system is free of any fixed, special, organizational and technical structures. It allows for the quick and flexible configuration of different business processes and an easy modification of processes to suit changed requirements.

Highlights of the Warehouse Management System

  • Standardized Warehouse Management processes guarantee quick use
  • Configurable workflows ensure necessary flexibility
  • Standardized interfaces enable quick integration into an existing system landscape
  • Integrated forms generator makes it possible to create forms, documents, statistics reports and labels
  • Statistics grid provides complete transparency in the warehouse
  • Release updates provide further development and market-oriented standard processes

The Out of the Box WMS