inconsoWMS eXtended (WMS X)

inconso.jpgBuilding on the inconsoWMS core system, the inconsoWMS eXtended (X) provides a warehouse management solution, which is able to grow to meet increasing demands. The inconsoWMS X offers the largest variety of configuration and customizing options for complex and varied processes and a high throughput, which are common in highly automated distribution or picking operations. Individual adjustments and extensions of the function scope as well as the screen interface and their underlying data structures are also possible. As a result, the user receives a software system that has the same degree of maturity, stability and user friendliness of a standard software but also is equivalent to an customizedl solution with functionality and specific problem orientation. Communication modules for the connection of automation components with the corresponding transport control up to an integrated material flow control complete the function scope of the inconsoWMS X.

The flexible, standard Warehouse Management solution for complex requirements and high performance.

A warehouse is not just a warehouse. We are prepared for this. The Warehouse Management System inconsoWMS eXtended (X) is designed as modules and is easily scalable – a Warehouse Management solution that can grow with your increasing requirements. inconsoWMS eXtended (X) offers cornucopia of possibilities for configuration and individualization.

In the environment of complex and multi-faceted processes and high throughputs that are typical in highly automated distribution and picking centers, the Warehouse Management System inconsoWMS eXtended (X) is second to none.

System Highlights of the Warehouse Management System:

  • Multi-customer / multi-client capable
  • Multi-site capable
  • Multi-language
  • Internet capable
  • Comprehensive add-ons available: voice management, material flow control, material flow simulation, load space optimization
  • Yard Management, logistics dashboard, invoicing of logistics services and dangerous goods management
  • Configurable, client specific aspects for products, warehouse locations and stock criteria
  • Differentiated role authorization management
  • Integrated transport control system
  • Supports all normal warehouse organization forms
  • MFS module for controlling technology systems such as radio frequency (RF) solutions, voice picking systems, ID systems, Pick-by-Light systems, scales, paperless picking systems and automatic conveyor technology components
  • Location based inventory management
  • Comprehensive status tracking
  • Transparency / tracking an tracing of all transactions
  • Permanent inventory such as annual stock counts and interfaces for random stock counts
  • Extension possibilities for the functional scope and peripherals
  • Scalability for quantity growth
  • Portability to the IT strategy of a company’s hardware basis

Overview of the Warehouse Management System’s Functions

  • Goods Receiving
  • Quality control
  • Replenishment control
  • Transport control system
  • Forklift management system
  • Order management / planning
  • Picking / Store-out
  • Packing / Shipment preparation
  • Shipping / Loading
  • Returns management
  • Inventory management
  • Empties & returnable goods management
  • Control monitors
  • Statistics / KPIs