DMLogic and Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain Case Study in Supply Chain Brain

How Drug Maker Secures Integrity of Its Pharma Supply Chain

Meeting mandates to protect the pharmaceutical supply chain from counterfeit drugs is no easy task, but Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain has found a way to do so well before U.S. legislation kicks in and while reining in costs.


How Drug Maker Secures Integrity of Its Pharma Supply ChainDrug manufacturers worldwide are preparing for one of the most vital and comprehensive challenges ever faced by the industry - total security of the world's drug supply throughout their lifecycle.


The challenge involves pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as wholesalers, distributors, retailers and suppliers. It will be pervasive and complex and will require a fundamental change in the way the industry thinks about, manages and moves inventory.

Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain is at the forefront of the effort to ensure the integrity of the drug supply. Through their planning, investment and commitment, JJSC has built and implemented one of the first systems to comply with new federal and global regulations that will protect their drug supply, years ahead of the mandated schedule. In the future, every drug that passes through the JJSC supply chain will be serialized, and will be tracked at each point along the way. Within their distribution centers, their innovative approach relied on the agility of an adaptive software platform making the design and development quicker to implement, much less expensive, and far less risky to their business than traditional alternatives.

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