DMLogic Launches Two New Products Based on STEPLogic Platform


STEPLogic Trace, end-to-end serialization tool, and STEPLogic Warehouse, customizable, app-based WMS, showcase at PROMAT in Chicago

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – April 2, 2017 – DMLogic, LLC, experts in warehouse management systems, launches two new key products for the warehouse and distribution market. STEPLogic Trace and STEPLogic Warehouse are both built on the innovative STEPLogic software development platform. Both products are being featured at the PROMAT show, the largest industry tradeshow in the country, starting April 2 in Chicago.

STEPLogic Trace is a comprehensive, federally compliant serialization solution that supports cradle to grave tracking within the distribution center. In compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Safety Act (DSCSA), the product meets requirements that manufacturers, distributors and retailers must be able to track, trace and report on the movement of prescription drugs and medical devices, throughout the supply chain. 

STEPLogic Trace was designed to manage the aggregation of serial numbers in a parent child relationship, creating efficiencies in managing large volumes of data without compromising quality.  The system has been audited and validated for FDA Part 11 compliancy. Additionally, STEPLogic Trace enables companies to connect multiple systems, platforms and trading partners to view the supply chain in its entirety. STEPLogic Trace can be configured as an edge solution for inbound and outbound transaction only or for the serialization of every type of transaction through the distribution process.  

“Drug manufacturers around the globe are preparing for one of the most vital and comprehensive challenges ever faced by the industry,” said Matthew Deep, vice president of technology, DMLogic, and a serialization expert said. “The goal is total security of the world’s drug supply; not just at the point of manufacturing but throughout the supply chain and the life cycle of these drugs. It’s a critical business need and extremely important for patient care.”

STEPLogic Warehouse is a feature rich WMS designed and priced to support small to medium businesses.  A new concept in WMS, STEPLogic Warehouse is an app-based product which enables users to fully customize their WMS by choosing core apps which can be modified or by building new apps quickly to meet business requirements. The complete suite of apps includes every step of traditional warehouse management system from basic picking and packing to advanced value added services. 

The product can be deployed as a SaaS based or on-premise system. Built on DMLogic’s proprietary STEPLogic software development platform that enables STEPLogic Warehouse to be personalized and customized in real-time. Additionally, the system allows users to design new screens, reports and RF messages through simple, decision tree analysis with minimal to no IT support.

“The requirements of smaller businesses aren’t so different from Tier 1 companies,” said Thomas Lee, president of DMLogic. “What is different is the amount of time, people and capital that can be invested to evolve their WMS. Without the need for expensive IT skills, and because the product is so easy to use, it is easier to implement, and easier to support and fits the budget of a smaller to mid-sized warehouse operation.”

About the STEPLogic Software Development Platform
STEPLogic is a software development platform that automates development tasks, replacing them with configuration steps. The product provides the user with the tools to build decision tree navigation so users can enhance their current WMS to meet their specific needs, without changing the core code. User created dialogues can automatically update the appropriate tables and parameters and provide the user with recommendations. STEPLogic tracks, documents and catalogs customer specific SQL reports and provides user-friendly mapping of interfaces between host systems and the WMS. Able to be deployed on mobile devices, all transactions can be verified and existing processes replicated such as QA, packing instructions and cycle counts. The product can operate with any database system with multi-level security defined by the user.

About DMLogic, LLC
DMLogic designs, installs and supports systems to manage the inventory and warehousing of a wide range of products. From prescription drugs to auto parts, DMLogic creates a flawless flow of identification, sorting, tracking, packing, shipping and validating. The DMLogic team of seasoned consultants, supply chain professionals and system designers represents a half century of experience in inventory management. DMLogic’s premiere product is STEPLogic, a software development platform that enables users to design and develop new processes and implementation tools. Our two newest products, STEPLogic Trace, a track and trace solution, and STEPLogic Warehouse, a customizable WMS where users pick and choose the apps they want to install, are built on the STEPLogic platform and give users the power and adaptability to customize and personalize their systems to meet their business requirements. For more information, visit