Introducing STEPLogic Warehouse

What if you could take control of your WMS?

Introducing STEPLogic Warehouse, a new concept in WMS.  STEPLogic Warehouse is a feature rich WMS designed and priced to support small to medium businesses. 

Warehouse is built on DMLogic’s innovative STEPLogic development platform.  That means the user apps can be changed or new apps can be developed quickly and without changing core code and without the need for expensive IT skills.  And because the product is so easy to use, it is easier to implement, and easier to support. 

STEPLogic Warehouse Features:

  • Native support of mobile devices
  • SaaS based or On-Premise
  • App-based platform; use only what you need
  • Ability to personalize and customize the full warehouse system in real time


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Introducing STEPLogic Trace

Your track and trace compliancy solution

STEPLogic Trace meets the rigorous requirements of the DSCSA providing end-to-end track and trace of pharmaceuticals. STEPLogic Trace enables companies to record serialized drugs, aggregate them by unit of measure, and then connect multiple systems, platforms and trading partners to view the supply chain in its entirety. And, because of the unique capabilities of the STEPLogic platform, users can create apps, write scripts and run reports that enable companies to match the dynamically changing requirements of the DSCSA and other country mandates.    

 STEPLogic Trace features:

  • Fully compliant with federal serialization requirements
  • Integrates with repository systems (SAP ATTp, TraceLink)
  • Serial number aggregation to four or more levels
  • Personalize and configure to meet individual operations
  • Customize processes and reporting structure, using the innovative STEPLogic platform


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