The perfect strategy for your Warehouse Management: SAP EWM

Every warehouse is different. The right Warehouse Management System should provide additional value and optimally fulfill your requirements in order to perfectly support your processes. 

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) solution is one of the most widely used WMS solutions around the world, and for years has earned its place in Gartner’s MagicLeader quadrant. Today, more than 1,300 clients are using EWM to support 3,000 warehouse operations in more than 40 countries across the globe. 

SAP EWM will manage all aspects of distribution operations of varying sizes and complexities, and across multiple industries. EWM overs a scalable solution for growth, with features for transparency and visibility of processes and data. And, with unique capabilities for modeling of processes, SAP positions your operation for optimal performance.     


The SAP warehouse logistics solution based on SAP SCM or SAP S/4HANA.

Future-proof Warehouse Management necessitates comprehensive support for logistics processes and full transparency over stocks and business processes.

SAP EWM is a solution for all industries that can be used set up integrated and holistic logistics processes. All products can be planned, purchased, stored, transported and delivered via a central platform.

SAP EWM highlights:

  • Multi-client capability
  • Fully integrated, end-to-end handling unit management
  • Comprehensive stock placement and retrieval strategies
  • Multiple stock-picking methods
  • Integration of processes for cross-docking, deconsolidation, 
        slotting and work management
  • Configurable RF and mobile processing with SAP’s ITS mobile 
  • Management and control of subtasks and resources
  • Integrated material flow and WCS for controlling automated 
        warehouse systems
  • Seamless implementation of technology (automatic, RF, RFID, ...)
  • Integration into the full SAP logistics solution


SAP EWM is a solution so that all products can be planned, purchased, stored and transported through the enterprise eco-system provided by SAP. EWM offers integration options for SAP’s ECC and S/4HANA platforms and can be integrated with the suite of SAP applications.


The future with S/4HANA
Due to its clear focus on S/4HANA, DMLogic offers the decentral SAP EWM connected to S/4HANA and the new embedded SAP EWM within S/4HANA. Interfaces and functions are the same as those of the decentral SAP EWM. They differ in the integration of warehouse processes into ERP processes. Companies that already use the decentral SAP EWM can switch from SAP ECC to S/4HANA in their SAP EWM application without it adversely affecting their logistics processes. The interface in SAP EWM remains unchanged.

Material Flow System with SAP EWM MFS
Modern distribution centers with automatic storage and conveyor technology systems require a high investment volume. To ensure maximal return on investment, the performance of the technical equipment needs to be utilized to its full capacity. This is a task for the Material Flow System SAP EWM MFS. Optimization strategies such as the dynamic selection of the optimal transport route, interleaving, dynamic transport destination allocation and the creation of sequences for partial tasks are default system functions. Complex intralogistics equipment an also be directly coupled to the SAP system; transparency from the order to the PLC becomes reality.