Do you wish your WMS did more? Now it can. And, you can enhance it yourself with STEPLogic.

STEPLogic is a software development tool that automates development tasks, replacing them with configuration steps. The product provides the user with the tools to build decision tree navigation so users can enhance their current WMS to meet their specific needs . . .


User created dialogues can automatically update the appropriate tables and parameters and provide the user with recommendations. For example, the software will enable you to:

  • design whole new processes,
  • build new screens,
  • Build custom reports
  • build new dialogues for your mobile devices
  • enhance your QA procedures,
  • add special handling instructions and,
  • create testing and training plans

STEPLogic tracks, documents and catalogs customer specific SQL reports and provides user-friendly mapping of interfaces between host systems and the WMS. Able to be deployed on mobile devices, all input values can be verified and existing processes replicated to insert new procedures such as QA, packing instructions and cycle counts. Written in Visual Basic, stepLogic is designed with a point-and-click user friendly interface. The product operates with any Oracle based system with multi-level security defined by the user.

The uses of stepLogic are limited only by your imagination. DMLogic customers have created numerous Apps to fill gaps in their current systems.

We would like to show you more. 

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