DMLogic has been there. Whether complying with FDA guidelines for our pharmaceutical clients, or managing the complexities of tens of thousands of SKU’s for the automotive industry, or maintaining integrity of multiple customer inventories for third-party logistics providers, DMLogic has done it before. From retail, to electronics, to food and beverage, the DMLogic team has implemented solutions across most industries. That breadth and depth of experience, coupled with our reputation for client support, makes us an ideal partner for any business.


To comply with the new federal serialization law, manufacturers will have to invest in the systems, equipment and processes to ensure that their drugs are serialized at each level of packaging. It will be a significant investment regardless of size.The DMLogic team brings more pharmaceutical experience to the table than most. We have solved these issues and more for some of the biggest names in the industry like Johnson & Johnson. We have experience in addressing the physical challenges of labeling and scanning product. We have built systems to capture and report data to EPCGlobal. DMLogic’s unsurpassed experience working within the pharmaceutical distribution environment means we know the unique challenges our customers face and how to solve them.


Volume, variety, premarket, “just in time” deliveries and aftermarket emergency and replenishment orders; the automotive industry is complex and always presenting a challenge for your WMS platform. Automotive environments are some of the most dynamic, adapting to meet a whole new industry profile on an annual basis. DMLogic professionals have provided solutions for manufacturers, parts suppliers, distributors and retailers including Advance Auto Parts. Simply put, we understand every facet of the automotive challenge.


DMLogic consultants have worked for some of the most well-known and admired retailers in the world. Whether shipping apparel, shoes, accessories or sporting gear, our clients have benefitted from the experience we hold in every facet of the retail market.From e-commerce to traditional brick and mortar stores, DMLogic brings a weath of experience with retailers like American Eagle and Cole Haan to aftermarket worldwide operations like Salvation Army.


The traditional publishing and media industries are making radical changes to their logistics models. The introduction of digital publishing and business-to-consumer models has changed the industry. Distribution models have to adapt to changing order and inventory profiles and DMLogic is right with our clients to assist with support and software development. Having assisted major publishing houses like Penguin Random House and Oxford University Press streamline their distribution process over many years, our experience in the publishing world allows us to bring a wealth of efficiencies to our customers.

Third Party Logistics

Being responsive to the customer is the bottom line in the world of third-party logistics. Providers need to have the flexibility to adapt as the market changes and as your customers needs change. Your technology needs to attract new customers as it streamlines costs, controls inventory and enhances management of the operation by providing visibility across the supply chain.

The challenges facing today’s 3PL are unique. In a highly competitive market, 3PL companies need the ability to adapt, respond and control the system and to do it quickly. Working with 3PLs of all sizes like Genco and DHL, we have worked in industries from cold storage and grocery to retail and cosmetics. DMLogic understands the challenges and can help solve them.