Hamburg, February 27, 2018. The international technology group Körber invests in the Munich-based robotics start-up Magazino. Contracts for a minority stake in Magazino were signed on February 26, 2018. Körber thus underlines once again its focus on future-oriented technologies. The investment will also strengthen digitization initiatives in the Group’s Business Area Logistics Systems.

Magazino develops and builds perception driven, mobile robots that automate the handling of goods in intralogistics. The start-up’s technology solutions enables dynamic warehousing and order picking as well as intelligent material disposition in e-commerce and assembly lines. With the precise access to individual articles, Magazino closes one of the central gaps in the automation of logistics processes. This opens up new opportunities for logistics to make process steps more efficient. With its participation in the start-up company founded in 2014, the Körber Group secures access to this key technology. This includes in particular the software suite that forms the “brain” of the robots. This software suite is designed to allow non-deterministic, perception driven robots to operate in environments that were originally made for humans.

The start-up company’s portfolio comprises various robot systems that are used for specific projects. The central development of the Munich specialists is the “TORU” order picking robot. Until now, it was usually only possible to automatically retrieve entire load carriers such as pallets or crates, but “TORU” allows for precise access to individual objects. Thanks to this technology, 2D and 3D cameras can be used to locate and identify individual objects on the shelf, grab them securely and then place them precisely where they are needed. This makes the picking process “Pick-by-Robot” possible for the first time. The intelligent robot works in parallel with the people and delivers the required parts at the right time directly to the assembly line or shipping station.

“The Magazino team has developed real innovations with its robotics solutions that have the potential to make a lasting impact on intralogistics,” says Michael Horn, Member of the Executive Board of Körber AG. “The partnership offers decisive added value, in particular for customers of our Business Area Logistics Systems. At the same time, our investment strengthens our position in a competitive market environment. In addition, as part of our digitization initiatives, we will work with the Magazino team to drive forward future-oriented developments.”

“We are very pleased about the participation of Körber AG and look forward to working with the Group and its Business Areas,” emphasizes Frederik Brantner, co-founder and CEO of Magazino GmbH. We are particularly looking forward to exchanging ideas with the teams of the Business Area Logistics Systems. We will benefit from the experience of our new partner at all levels and thus sustainably continue our growth course.”

About Körber
Körber AG is the holding company for an international technology Group with approx. 11,500 employees around the world. The Group comprises leading-edge technology companies and more than 130 production, service, and sales entities. At locations around the globe, Körber combines the benefits of a globally-present organization with the strengths of highly-specialized, flexible, medium-sized enterprises that offer their customers solutions, products, and services in the Business Areas of Automation, Logistics Systems, Machine Tools, Pharma Systems, Tissue, Tobacco and Corporate Ventures.

About Magazino
Magazino GmbH develops and builds perception driven, mobile robots for intralogistics. The company was founded in Munich in 2014 by Nikolas Engelhard, Frederik Brantner and Lukas Zanger. By means of 3D cameras and numerous sensors, the intelligent robots are able to perceive and interpret their environment and thus pick up picking work parallel to the humans. Magazino GmbH employs around 80 people and is one of the largest teams for perception driven robotics in Europe.

Further information is available at www.koerber.de/en or www.magazino.eu.

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