What if you could take control of your WMS?

Introducing STEPLogic Warehouse, a small to medium business solution

Warehouse operations change very quickly.  eCommerce, new regulations, global trade, Amazon and other megatrends are challenging warehouses to keep up.  Each and every operation also has unique business requirements that their WMS just does not handle.  Waiting for a new release, or paying large sums of money for enhancements is not always feasible.  Over time the gap between what the WMS supports and what your business needs grows larger.

What if you could create your own enhancements, without the need for your vendor to assist?  Or create personalized screens that work exactly how you need, avoiding superfluous extra keystrokes? 

STEPLogic Warehouse is a new concept in WMS. STEPLogic Warehouse is a feature rich WMS designed and priced to support small to medium businesses. 

The requirements of smaller businesses aren’t so different from Tier 1 companies.  What is different is the amount of time, people and capital that can be invested to evolve their WMS.

Warehouse is built on DMLogic’s innovative STEPLogic development platform.  That means the core apps can be changed or new apps can be developed quickly and without the need for expensive IT skills.  And because the product is so easy to use, it is easier to implement, and easier to support. 

STEPLogic Features:

  • Full capability WMS
  • SaaS based or On-Premise
  • App-based platform; use only what you need
  • Ability to personalize and customize the full warehouse system in realtime
  • Design new screens, reports and RF messages through simple, decision tree analysis

Take control of your WMS.  Ask us for a demonstration of STEPLogic Warehouse.