Is PACKING your WMS pain point?

How your items are packed makes all the difference to the customer but value added services can create headaches for packers. A book that includes all the guidelines for packing is great—until your packer needs to stop and flip through it to find out what they are supposed to do. Using STEPLogic, when a box is scanned, the system will do look up all the packing information and display it on one screen. Current, accurate and right at your fingertips.

STEPLogic is the revolutionary WMS software development tool that puts the power of customization in the hands of the user. Enabling the creation of enhancements, new processes, screens and RF dialogues, STEPLogic gives users the ability to personalize their WMS with minimal need for traditional development.

How are our customers using STEPLogic

  1. Creating alternative Receiving processes for new or temporary employees
  2. Dynamically personalizing RF messages
  3. Personalized Packing screens to respond to customer requirements
  4. Integration of weight check into the picking process
  5. Monitoring and auditing of vendors