Are RF DIALOGUE your WMS pain point?

Maybe your WMS works fairly well. But if you could change one thing, would it be your RF messages? Often RF messages are too constrictive with too many buttons or too much verification. Every warehouse manager wants to set up their picking differently but your WMS forces everyone to do the same thing unnecessarily. By allowing you to set up your own system, change messages and bypass steps, you’ve made your system more efficient and eliminated the potential for costly errors.

STEPLogic is the revolutionary WMS software development tool that puts the power of customization in the hands of the user. Enabling the creation of enhancements, new processes, screens and RF dialogues, STEPLogic gives users the ability to personalize their WMS with minimal need for traditional development.

How are our customers using STEPLogic

  1. Creating alternative Receiving processes for new or temporary employees
  2. Dynamically personalizing RF messages
  3. Personalized Packing screens to respond to customer requirements
  4. Integration of weight check into the picking process
  5. Monitoring and auditing of vendors